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"James at HPT has that God-given physical therapist talent to know how to make the body feel better. I'm 70 and in pretty good health. But James has worked on my back to relieve the tension points caused by stress. He showed me how to do the Clock Lunge after my hip replacement surgery. For years I have had a misalignment with my pelvic structure so that I feel crooked when medical people say I'm laying straight. James was the first physical therapist to straighten me that part of my body. He also showed me how to keep my knees together when moving into the car seat or onto the bed to keep from knocking my pelvic structure out of placement. Although I now live in a different city, anytime I go to a physical therapist and tell them I feel crooked, they check my pelvic alignment. I'm always right about it, and that's because James was the first medical person to find my problem. If you feel off physically, chances are you're correct. In addition to more complicated treatment, James is really great at practical things we need to know to stay mobile and to avoid creating more stress and pain for our bodies."
Dec 31, 2022
"Humboldt Physical Therapy (HPT) provided me with outstanding care during my recovery from a partial knee replacement surgery. Everyone on the staff (including, but not limited to, PTs Mona Lisa, James and Carly, and the office and support team members) was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging - completely dedicated to helping me recover my range of motion, strength and balance. I’m very satisfied with the results I’ve achieved; in fact I received better care here than I did in Los Angeles for my first knee replacement (and at that time I thought I had very good therapists). I highly recommend the pros at HPT to anyone in need of expert care."
Jul 28, 2022
"I came in with hip pain, was diagnosed with SI joint misalignment that referred pain to my hip by James, who set goals with me for what recovery would look like. I then worked with Patty for several months. I was given a series of exercises, taught how to realign my SI joint as needed, and each visit we checked in and sometimes completed exercises and sometimes I got a little massage. Each session ended with e-stim. I did exercises at home. Most importantly, it worked! I am feeling aligned and am largely pain-free. I have the exercises to keep myself aligned. I would possibly have recovered more quickly if I’d done the exercises every single day or refrained from outdoor activities, but I did not and still got good results. Everyone at the clinic was so incredibly helpful and friendly. I will only be going here for PT from here out (and as an active 40-something I sense more PT may be in my future). Highly recommend (also, that is compared to other PT shops in Humboldt I’ve worked with)."
Feb 13, 2022
"When I was referred to Humboldt Physical Therapy in 2010 for recurring hip pain, I had low expectations: over the years I had been to several therapists with no lasting relief and was not keen to return to any of them. James Moore had just opened his practice, and the combination of manual therapy and exercises sounded appealing. James immediately diagnosed my sacroiliac joint dysfunction, set up a treatment plan, and, to my amazement, I have been SI joint pain free since. He and his staff also have treated me successfully for frozen shoulder using the same combination of therapies. Humboldt Physical Therapy has my highest recommendation--I can't imagine going anywhere else."
Oct 20, 2020
"James is an intuitive healer! For several years I have gone in for weeks long "tune-ups" related to my shoulder and hip. What he does is better than magic because it always works! And the friends I have who have been to HPT feel the same. We are so lucky to have them in Humboldt. "
Sep 11, 2020

“Finding a professional physical therapy practice that was both professional and caring became a major quest of mine when I had shoulder surgery August of 2018. I was concerned about my recovery because piano is my greatest skill and passion. I looked around and with the universe’s help, I became a patient at Humboldt Physical Therapy. Dr. James Moore reviewed my case and after examining me wrote a plan for my complete recovery. There are several good physical therapy assistants at the the practice. I, however, was assigned to Patty Baker. Patty was the best of all worlds. She was very caring, friendly, and fun to talk to. She knew exactly what to do; each muscle that needed to be stretched or relaxed was found by those magic fingers. Strengthening exercises were gently made an absolute must. She was patient when I had a set back and simply went to work to get me back on track. I couldn’t have found better care. Dr. Moore checked me at intervals to assess my progress. After the shoulder, I was having a sacroiliac problem that impacted my arm. Again, diagnosed by James, worked on by Patty, and healed. I am a professional pianist. I can now practice and play without pain. Thank you more than I can say.”
Jul 28, 2022