Our Community


Humboldt Events

Humboldt County has many community events throughout the year that bring everyone together. Some of our annual favorites are the Oyster Festival, the Kinetic Sculpture Race, and the North Country Fair. On Saturdays the Arcata Plaza Farmers' Market is always the place to go for your local, Humboldt grown veggies, herbs, flowers, seedlings, eggs, and meat. The Farmers' Market also has food vendors as well as live music! We have monthly art nights in both Eureka and Arcata where shops are open late to showcase art from local artists. We love our creative and unique community!

Humboldt Beaches

There are many natural wonders to see in Humboldt County. We are a coastal community with instant access to beaches, rivers, lagoons, forests, and mountains. Humboldt County has miles of pristine beaches to explore, don't be surprised if you have the entire beach to yourself! Surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are other popular activities in Humboldt - just make sure you have a wet-suit!

Humboldt Forests

Humboldt County is probably most known for its redwood forests. We have some of the tallest trees in the world right in our own backyard. There are countless trails in Humboldt County for hiking, mountain biking, backpacking and horseback riding among our giant trees - you can even play disc golf. Mushroom identification is a popular activity on the North Coast due to our exciting variety of mushrooms that grow throughout the year.