Let’s Get Moving!

Patient Testimonials

  • In describing the benefit of PT sessions at Humboldt Physical Therapy, it is difficult to know where to begin...so much good has resulted from my treatment there. Dena Manka, my skilled and deeply caring physical therapist, worked patiently and kindly with a very recalcitrant right hip and pelvis until success was attained and the intense neural pain that had prevailed for months throughout the legs and hips finally abated.

    Then she went to work, again with such diligence, dedication, and knowledge, that the 8 year old issues of pain and loss of function in my left shoulder completely cleared up. For years, I have not been able to sleep on that side, close the car door with my left hand, nor reach my left arm out the window to make deposits at the bank drive-through! I can't describe to you my elation whereupon after 3 to 4 intense sessions, the left shoulder began to respond. Now it rarely bothers at all, as long as I continue the exercises she taught me to do at home. She is so knowledgeable in body mechanics and many other aspects of wellness, and she sees and treats her patients with deep respect and dignity for their whole being...not just their parts! The final area we are now working on is my right jaw and ear where I have been carrying unconscious tension, resulting in some ear inflammation. I have total confidence that this body part will also respond to her healing.

    I have always been impressed with James Moore and the work he does, and I see now that he picks therapists and staff who carry on his tradition of excellence, not only in the actual physical treatments, but in the total care and attention to each individual who enters his clinic. He trains his "crew," the wonderful friendly staff, who man the phones, the front desk, and the computers, with such high consciousness and attention towards service, that you can feel the good energy when you come through the front door. It is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, giving immediate assurance to the new client that this is a place where you can trust you will be handled.

    Humboldt is lucky indeed to have a healing center such as Humboldt Physical Therapy. I am forever grateful to James, Dena, and the staff for their help. Keep up the good work, guys!

    P.S. Hard not to put Dena on a pedestal...she is amazing!!! My PT angel!!

    — Glenda Hesseltine
  • I thought my life was over, I could not go to yoga any longer, walk, sit, or hardly put my shoes on without being in pain. For two years I became more and more disabled from normal daily activities such as vacuuming my house or picking up dog toys off the floor. I had endless massages, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and countless other attempts at healing my body. I had herniated two disk in my low back and was told I just needed to change my life and live with limited activity. I was so disheartened until a friend told me to go see James at Humboldt Physical Therapy. After the first session my body released some of the pain it had been holding, tears sprang loose and I was speechless and a bit embarrassed that I was so emotional but I felt free of some of the pain that kept my face and jaw clenched. After 6 or 7 sessions I was back to my daily walks and able to engage in normal household chores. My body is re-remembering how to move and how to play! Thank you James!
    — Michele Rogers
  • In 1985 I injured my lower back. I saw a variety of medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists, none of whom were able to fix me until I was seen by James Moore PT. He was able to see/feel the problem and relieve my back pain with his therapeutic techniques and whole body approach. I can go for longer and longer periods of time pain-free now. There is no cure for my spondylolisthesis, but I can manage because of James' talent and expertise. I think James is a true healer.
    — Beryl Feldman
  • I had resigned myself to the fact that I would just become more and more disabled due to my severe scoliosis. James gave me the assurance and confidence to try. Now, I am experiencing life more and I am able to look forward to the years to come. The staff at Humboldt Physical Therapy are very helpful and friendly. I would recommend Humboldt Physical Therapy knowing that anyone lucky enough to know and be able to use James and his knowledge will have the best possible results.
    — Jane Morace